Monday, June 28, 2010

At Last, AT LAST!!

It finally happened!!! At long last. I was wondering when it would happen--if it would happen, even--and it did.

I saw my first CELEBRITY. My first FAMOUS PERSON. It couldn't have been more perfect. It was all I could've hoped for. There I was at the Ralph's, buying some healthy groceries (tortilla chips), when I turned around and, just a few aisles over, a bonafide STAR. Who was it?

Who was it??

This guy:

Sonny Crockett. Nash Bridges. Don Johnson.

And now, for you, this gift. From Don J. Soooo smooth.


  1. *green with jealousy*
    I didn't so much like his Sonny Crockett days, but fell in love with Nash Bridges. His voice. Oh, his voice. And - not that you did this, but - I bet he gives good hugs.


  2. Okay that's a good start... but let's keep our eye on the prize. Next time, try to spot a potential suitor like, say, Ryan Reynolds (who will obviously dump Scar Jo the minute he locks eyes with you) or Ryan Gosling - or better yet, Tim Riggins!